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Dry and wet gas cabinet
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1、Lipp single membrane dry gas storage cabinets

      Dry-type gas storage cabinet Philips cans and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) liner of flexible material gas film, composed by the gas holder floor, columns, sidewall panels, Roof rack and counterweight device. Other features for inspection operation with the walkway platform ladder. Into the outlet in the bottom of the tank at the bottom of the gas into the gas membrane, the gas film through the top of the rings rise through the adjustment of weight equipment, tank volume of gas can be observed in cans.

 2、Double membrane constant voltage dry-type gas storage cabinets

      Mounted directly on the Philips anaerobic tank top or installed in the ground on the basis of two forms. The main body by special processing of polyester material (the main component of PVDF-poly (vinylidene fluoride), and special anti-corrosion formula) made ​​dual membrane by the adventitia and the intima and ancillary equipment, the ability to resist UV and a variety of microorganisms, Use of the constant pressure of the outer membrane inlet blower, When endometrial methane reduction, the outer membrane through the blower inlet to maintain the design pressure of the intima of methane gas; when the biogas increased intima normally done through the safety valve will adventitia excess from the air, the methane pressure is always constant in a design pressure.


3、wet gas cabinet

      Lipp tank shell, vertical cylindrical water tank, bell and guide. Bell is a dome   underside of open cylindrical structure between the sink and the bell is the activities of the cylindrical tower section. The gas pipeline through the water in the sink bottom and sink into the bell jar, the gas input or discharge. The bell and the tower section to rely on rail to ensure steady lifting.


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