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Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket(UASB)
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      Principle:There are three areas in the digestion silo: sludge bed, sludge blanket and the gas-liquid- solid three-phase separator. At the bottom of the digestion silo is the sludge blanket that is soft or granular with high density, easy settlement and good absorption. The waste water flows from the pipes at the bottom into the sludge blanket, then flows upwards and get mixed with the sludge, where the microorganism degrades the organic substance and transform it into biogas. The biogas will come out in small bubbles and combines into big bubbles in the process of ascending. Mixed by the up-rising bubbles and the water flow, the sludge at the top of the digestion silo will form into a suspension in which a sludge suspension of low density is formed.

      Advantages:UASB reaction tank requires no special mixing device. It has strong processing volume, high efficiency, low cost, stable operation and easy structure. It is the most widely used anaerobic biological reactors in the world.

      Field of Application:It is used for the treatment of waste waters of starch, liquor, sugar, monosodium glutamate, vitamin, butcher, breed aquatics, paper and leather industries, sludge clear solution and domestic sewage, etc.

Illustration of UASB Reactor
UASB Reactor

Starch Waste Water Treatment Project of Qiongzhong Benlu Starch Plant, Hainan

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