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Completely mixed anaerobic reactor (CSTR)
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      Principle:The fermentation of liquid and generation of biogas are made in an air-tight silo. A stirring device is installed in the digester so that the fermented material and microorganism are well mixed. The feeding of material is continuous or half-continuous under stable temperature. The newly fed material is stirred and mixed with the bacteria in the fermented liquid, resulting in the comparatively low density of the fermentation substrates.

      Advantages:The CSTR Process can deal with materials with contents of high solid suspension. The material in the digester is well scattered and the state of different layers is avoided so that the material has more chance to react with the microorganism. Out patent technology, “float slag stirring and mixing system with internal circulation”, makes the organic float slag at the surface of liquid circulated into the bottom of the reactor and the reaction is fully made to avoid the membrane layer formation at the surface. The electricity generated remaining heat from the biogas provides insulation to the heating system outside the reactor, which greatly increases the biogas production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The reactor thus can work all year round. The process, as one of the most advanced anaerobic reactors in the world, is cost-effective and requires less land.

      Field of Application:The treatment, generation of electricity and biogas from the waste water of slaughter house, animal and poultry, city sewage sludge, etc. where the content of organic waste is high. 

Lipp Double-membrane Constant-pressured Biogas silo

      The anaerobic reactor used CSTR process (c.f. CSTR Process). The body of the reactor is the complex steel plate of stainless steel and galvanized steel plate produced with German patent technology. The heat exchange system is installed outside the body to provide circulating insulation from the remaining heat from the biogas generator. The internal circulation is a patent technology of our company, “float slag stirring and mixing system with internal circulation”. The roof of the tank is a semispherical double-membrane constant-pressured gas holder and the material is PVDF produced in Germany. Its main structure consists of an outer membrane, inner membrane and accessory control system. The automatic control system adjusts the pressure between the outer and inner membranes through the air blower and the safety valve so that the designed pressure is stored and released from the inner membrane.

      The anaerobic reactor can work all year round for biogas production. The constant pressure from the double-membrane structure can well resist ultra-violet and microorganism, provide good insulation and provide biogas with a designed constant pressure. The unique internal circulation system can provide a maximum of biogas production and avoid float slag on the surface of liquid.

Field of Application:
      The treatment, generation of electricity and biogas from the waste water of slaughter house, animal and poultry, city sewage sludge, etc. where the content of organic waste is high.

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