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  LIPP ENVIRONMENTAL Characteristics

  Features of Lipp silo

   Good overall quality and long life

   Good gas-tightness and extensive


   Short construction period and low


   Economizing on space and easy


  Applicable Industries of Lipp silos

   Environmental ProtectionTreatment of domestic sewage and industrial waste water (including waste water of strong acids, strong alkaline and high salt contents)

   Biogas Projects:UASB、EGSB、CSTR、SBR reactors and biogas storage silos  

   Grain StorageWidely used in the storage of grains, food, brewery, cereals, etc.

   Cement and coalsStorage of oils, materials of crude oil and chemicals, granules and powders such as bulk cement, clinkers, cement raw meal, coal ash, etc.

  Materials of Lipp silos

   normal carbon steel plate, high tensile

  steel plate

   galvanized and nickel-plated steel


   stainless steel sheet and complex

  stainless steel sheet

   alloy steel sheet and epoxy resin-

  coated sheet

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